Charge Code (Count: 403)

Code Description
AAFB.5001 AAFB - ActivPanel Titanium 75in Labor
AAFB.5002 AAFB - ActivPanel Titanium 75in Install
AAFB.5003 AAFB - ActivPanel Titanium 75in Training
AAFB.5004 AAFB - ActivPanel Titanium 75in Warranty
ACCT.0048 Accounts Payable 2022
ACCT.0049 Accounts Receivable 2022
ACCT.0050 Payroll 2022
ACCT.0051 General Invoicing, updating of sales and work orders 2022
ACCT.0052 Accounts Payable PI 2022
ACCT.0053 Accounts Receivable PI 2022
ACCT.0054 Payroll PI 2022
ADAS.7001 Ada's Mortuary - Thermal Scanner Install
ADMN.0025 DSI Company Activity
ADMN.0057 DSI Admin 2022
ADMN.0059 Admin Support 2022 - Mae
ADMN.0060 Management Errands 2022
ADMN.0061 PI Admin 2022
ADMN.0062 Mae's Projects 2022
ADMN.0063 Accounting Support 2022
ADMN.0069 Admin Support 2022 - Kent